Let"s go to see the phenomenon of crowd crowding and then stepping on each other to death. In fact, we report this news in many starvegas countries at various times together. There are shocking events like this happening all the time, but mostly There will be similar environmental factors. If you take the lesson, let"s go back a bit. I have to say that during covid 19, there is a limit to the gathering of carriers, so there is a chance that there will be a tragedy in nature. This is a lot less, but lately, this kind of incident has been repeated for a period of time, permanently, many times, and you will see pictures of people crowding each other or running away from the panic, causing many people to die tomorrow. It is understood that the cause of death of most victims is due to trauma from being stepped on, but in fact most of them died from suffocation. What we cannot see is the force that it compresses. until

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